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Tailored procurement services

Amphire offers outsourced e-procurement and contract negotiation services throughout the entire supply chain to deliver efficient and cost-effective purchasing solutions for clients. These services are tailored to best suit each individual client’s business strategy – a completely flexible and bespoke approach that can target specific areas of purchasing or cover the management of the full supply chain.

Upon winning the contract with a 4,500+ room UK hotel chain, Amphire devised a commercial package to suit its specific purchasing requirements. Amphire supplied the hotel group with tailored procurement services and contract negotiation with all of its food suppliers, including frozen, fresh, chilled and ambient food products. This was achieved by heavily integrating Amphire with the client’s business to essentially form an extension of the client’s purchasing department.

The contract provided the client with much improved pricing across its grocery purchasing, resulting in significant savings in this area every month. Amphire also provided the client with access to a far wider breadth of market knowledge to enable long term strategies to be planned with greater confidence.

The two companies built a close working relationship, with day-to-day contact between the client and its dedicated Amphire account manager, who possesses in-depth knowledge of the company. Monthly performance and evaluation meetings keep the client fully informed of the results that are being achieved on its behalf, and the cumulative savings that are being made. In future, there is also the option to implement a range of operational services, including electronic purchasing and invoicing for an even more efficient system.

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