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Manufacturer rebate negotiation

Clients achieve substantial savings through Amphires’ unique online e-tendering process. This revolutionary system allows Amphire to negotiate rebates quickly and easily across many suppliers for particular clients, maximising cost reduction and reducing time lead times.

Initially, a list of all the products being released to tender is prepared and entered into the Amphire system. The system then issues a product specification to all possible suppliers simultaneously. Approximately 70 suppliers have been involved in this operation. Each supplier undergoes an official registration process, which is handled by the Amphire support centre. Overall, the whole process takes just eight weeks – approximately half the time it would have take to administer manually.

What does the client gain from the process?

• Significant cost savings by buying equivalent quality products at lower prices through the use of a more efficient and cost-effective purchasing system.
• Consistent information from all suppliers, ensuring that their response is to the required quality and standard. This idea of standardised supplier/buyer relationships is an underlying factor in the Amphire approach.
• A uniform method across buying negotiations, creating a level playing field for potential suppliers and enabling the client to gain the best value.
• The process is much faster online than it was on paper.
• There is a visible audit trail.
• Results to benchmark future operations against and monitor progress.

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