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Amphire is a leading global provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) supply chain and purchasing solutions to the foodservice and hospitality industries. Our services are at the heart of many industry operations including manufacturers, distributors and retailer operators, all of whom have benefited from our industry expertise and flexible technology platform.

We maximize supply chain efficiencies for all of our clients, resulting in tangible benefits including: improved visibility, time savings and reduced costs. Amphire's interactive development approach ensures customized products tailored specifically to fit your needs.


In 1999, Amphire began developing on-demand, internet-based software for large and fragmented industries. By 2000, several of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States deployed Amphire's technologies and became our customers.

Amphire became profitable in 2002 and by 2003 had already expanded into the paper, janitorial and sanitation industries. By 2004, Amphire greatly expanded the number of operators using our solutions and had more than $8 Billion in transaction value moving through our system annually.

In 2005, Amphire acquired Tibersoft's principal products, Buyer and Commerce. These products were integrated into Amphire's suite of offerings, strengthening our solution set and extending our customer base.

In 2007, Amphire acquired Makella, the UK's largest provider of outsourced supply chain services to the hospitality industry, to extend its global platform to Europe. With a unique combination of purchasing skills, technical systems and industry expertise, Makella brings clients in the hospitality industry new clarity and control over procurement.

Today, Amphire enjoys a broad and consistent set of customers: 110,000+ operators, 170+ distributors, 700+ manufacturers. We process well over a million transactions each month with $20 Billion in transaction value annually. Amphire continues to grow, expanding both our customer base and our suite of products, to strengthen our ability to serve our customers.

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