What are the minimum requirements?

  • Internet Connection:
    28.8k + (56k or higher is recommended)
  • Browser:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer™ Version 5.01 or higher
  • Browser Settings
    Cookies enabled
    Javascript enabled
    ActiveX Download enabled or prompt
    Run ActiveX controls enabled
  • Computer: (These are suggested minimums. Your operating system will determine your minimum equipment needs)
    Pentium II™ or higher
    64 Meg of Ram or higher
    16 Meg Video Card capable of running at 800 x 600 resolution or higher
    4 gig Hard Drive or higher
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Microsoft Windows 98™, Microsoft Windows ME™, Microsoft Windows NT™ with Service Pack 6a or higher , Microsoft Windows 2000™, Microsoft Windows XP™

Why does the site seem so plain?
The site is meant to accomplish a business task. This site was developed under the assumption that our users did not have a lot of time to place orders nor want to wait two minutes for a page to download. Placing heavy graphics and extensive content on a page can take much longer to download if you have a slower connection to the Internet.

As a result, every attempt possible has been made to build a site that will respond quickly to user requests, regardless of connection speed, while providing an easy-to-use navigation. This goal allows everyone to place orders in the shortest amount of time. For those who would like advanced features, they may access them via the Preferences page. From there, options may be selected that are specifically geared for those with fast Internet access.

What is the difference between my cart, list, and template?
Lists are really templates from which you may add items to your cart. Each time an order is placed, a copy of that order may be saved as a list (template) with the order number.

This makes it easy to place items into the cart that are ordered on a regular basis without having to look up the item number. The next time you place an order simply pull up the lists with the items you would like to reorder and add those items to your cart.

The most common methods of real world ordering have been incorporated into the storefront. Templates and lists allow you to fill in the quantity and order the items simply and quickly.

With a little practice, you will quickly find that the options provided enable you to spend less time placing your order. If you have any suggestions to improve our service, we invite you to send us feedback from the "Help" section.

When I have items in my cart and I have to leave the web site, will my items still be in my cart when I return? Yes, when you return to the site and log-in, your cart will have the exact same items and quantities as when you left. We understand that our customers have busy schedules and may not be able to sit down and complete an entire order. The information in your cart is retained allowing you to build an order all day/week long.

It is also a good idea to check your cart just before you start entering items, to make sure you know what you have already placed in it.

Is the order number assigned during ordering the same as the order number assigned from my distributor?
No, even though the word "order" is used as you are entering your items, we prefer to use the term "tracking number". When you send the requested items to the distributor via the "Submit" button, a "tracking number" is assigned. The distributor will assign the actual order number that you will see on your invoice.

When the order is submitted, will the displayed "Total" $ amount be the same as the "Invoice $ Amount" that I would see on the Invoice from the distributor?

The "Total" amount is displayed on the "Checkout" page during "Order Submit" time. This same amount is also displayed as "Sub-total " when viewing the cart directly.

The "Total" amount is always an approximation since the distributor's invoicing system is deemed to have "final price" verification and application. This is especially true for "catch weight" items (or 'price per pound' items), which will be re-priced at time of shipment because of differences in ordered vs. actual shipped weights.

Does the "Total" $ amount include Sales Tax (if any)?
No, we do not calculate sales tax on any taxable item. All appropriate sales taxes are calculated in the distributor's invoicing system. This is another reason why the "Total" amount should never be deemed as the final "Invoice Amount".

How can I put in or change my Purchase Order number after submitting the order?
Your distributor will have specific rules on how to get the Purchase Order number corrected. Usually you will need to contact the distributor directly.